Machu Picchu Is Getting A $460 Million International Airport

machu picchu airportVisits to the famous city are likely to increase.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Life for tourists visiting Machu Picchu is about to get easier. Peru’s President Ollanta Humala announced the construction of a new international airport in nearby Cusco, the BBC reported.The current airport can only handle domestic, daytime flights.Built by the Incan Empire in the 15th century, Machu Picchu is Peru’s most popular tourist attraction and a major source of revenue in the region. International tourists usually fly to Lima before connecting to Cusco, about 60 miles from the site. (Tip: take the trip in a luxury train.)

President Humala enacted a law on Wednesday to expropriate land in Chinchero, a town outside Cusco, where the $460 million airport will be built. “This new airport will not only mean more tourists will be able to come, but it will generate more jobs… and help surrounding communities,” he said.

The intended increase in visitors raises concerns over how Peru will preserve the integrity of the the UNESCO World Heritage site. Currently, only 3,000 visitors are allowed to visit the ancient city each day, according to the Daily Mail.

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