Pictures Of An Unlivable College Dorm That Houses Over 1,200 Students

A photo album posted to reddit shows the disgusting and arguably unlivable conditions in a massive student dormitory in Macedonia.

Posted by reddit user nocturnalmk with the title “Yes, this is a student dormitory, and yes, there are 1200+ students living in it as we speak,” the album shows the terrible interior conditions of the Goce DelĨev student dormitory complex in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. While not directly part of any university, the complex provides housing to over 1,000 students across the city for 55 euros a month.

While the pictures speak for themselves, the captions also reveal just how horrible it is to live here. Here were some of the most illustrative:

  • “Moist is very common. Moist-less rooms are non-existent at this moment.”
  • “After 2 months of chasing and bribing (with booze) plumbers, caretakers and other drunkards, the bathroom was fixed.”
  • “The food varies between pasta, potatoes, chicken steaks and sausages. It is the same food every single day.”

Look through the full album below:

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