Thousands Of MacBook Pro Batteries Are Being Recalled Because They Can Catch On Fire

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You might want to check what brand of battery is in your MacBook Pro.

Digital Trends is reporting that thousands of the Pro’s batteries are being recalled by retailer Best Buy.

Best Buy issued the recall on 5,100 faulty batteries that have the potential to catch fire and cause burns. One woman has already suffered what Best Buy is calling a “serious burn to the consumer’s leg.”

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommended immediate removal of the batteries.

The two MacBook Pro models containing the dangerous batteries are model numbers MC-MBOOK13B and MC-BOOK13W, both of which contain ATG batteries.

If your model number matches up and you see an ATG logo on your Pro’s battery, you should take the battery out and return it to Best Buy. They’ll swap it for an official Apple battery, free of charge.

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