There's a simple way to see if your MacBook needs a battery replacement — here's how to check in less than 30 seconds

Kif Leswing
  • You can see if it’s time to replace your MacBook’s battery by clicking the battery icon and holding the option key.
  • You can also see other metrics about your MacBook’s battery, such as its full charge capacity and charge cycles, by looking at the system report.

If it seems like your MacBook is running out of power more quickly than it should be, it might be time to get its battery replaced.

The quickest way to see whether your MacBook’s battery is in good health is by clicking the battery icon in the upper-right corner of your computer’s screen while holding the option key. But if you want a deeper dive on your battery’s status, the System Report will provide an overview with information like the number of cycles your battery has left and its full capacity.

If you do wish to replace your battery, Apple charges$US129 for battery servicing on 11- and 13-inch MacBook Airs and 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros not covered by warranty or AppleCare Plus. Those with a 17-inch MacBook Pro will have to pay $US179, while 12-inch MacBook owners and those with a 13- or 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display will be charged $US199.

Follow the steps below to learn about your Mac’s battery.

Hold the option key and click the battery icon near the top of the screen.

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You should see a “condition” field that indicates whether your battery is performing as it should. If it says “normal,” your battery is operating normally. If it says “replace soon,” the battery is holding less charge than when it was new and should be monitored.

If this field says “replace now,” the battery is holding significantly less charge but is still safe to continue using. “Service battery” indicates your battery isn’t operating normally and should be taken to an Apple Store, though you can still use it safely when it’s connected to the right power adaptor.

Click the Apple icon and choose “about this Mac.”

Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

Or hold the option key and click “system information” to get to the final step quicker.

Choose “system report.”

Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

Click on “power” to see details about your MacBook’s battery.

Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

Here you can see information like your battery-cycle count, full charge, and charge remaining.

If your MacBook has consumed all its charge cycles – from depleted to fully charged – it’s fine to continue using it, but you’re likely to notice a dip in battery life.

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