Find Out What Makes The New MacBook Air Tick In This Step-By-Step Teardown

macbook air teardown

Photo: iFixit

The folks at iFixit are at again, stripping down the new 13-inch MacBook Air and revealing its innards.While the Air is an impressive piece of hardware, iFixit gave it low marks for upgrades. You’re basically stuck with what comes out of the box.

To see what makes the new MacBook tick, check out the photos here.

A side view of the Air's new Thunderbolt port

Removing the bottom casing

iFixit says the internal layout looks a lot like the last model

Same battery rating as the last Air, but a different model. You should get the same battery life

Here's the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antenna

A closer look at the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antenna

This fan is what keeps the Air's processor nice and cool

Removing the I/O board that contains the USB and headphone ports

Something new: This ribbon controls the new MacBook Air's backlit keyboard

Here's the logic board

The logic board sports the new Intel i5 processor. On the back (pictured) you can see the RAM

Here's the trackpad's circuit board. iFixit says it's identical to last year's Air

The speakers are glued down, but can be easily removed

Now to detach the display from the case...

...and here it is, the fully-disassembled 2011 MacBook Air

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