Macau Is Actually Helping Vegas Now, But Will Crush It In The Future


Photo: AP

The explosive growth of gambling in Asia is helping Las Vegas for now.China’s favourite game, baccarat, brought in a $10.7 billion on Vegas last year, up 24 per cent in a year when other games lost money.

As Macau emerges as a gambling centre — already three times bigger than Vegas — it is raising interest in the original casino capital. Richard Velotta writes in Vegas Inc.:

Much as the spread of casinos across the United States helped build interest in Las Vegas, Macau is expected to benefit Las Vegas and Nevada more than its luring away high-rollers will harm us.

Once Macau matures, however, Asia’s nouveau riche may abandon Sin City. Velotta writes:

While Vegas is benefiting from the Macau effect today, it stands to lose revenue years from now as megaresorts continue to spread across Asia, giving gamblers fewer reasons to come here, Eadington said.

“It’s going to be harder and harder to persuade customers to come to Las Vegas as we see similar investments elsewhere,” [University of Nevada professor Bill Eadington] said. “At some point players are just going to opt not to travel so far to gamble.”

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