MAC OS X LION: You'll Be Dying To Upgrade After Seeing These Screenshots

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Photo: Dan Frommer, Business Insider

With just a few weeks to go before Mac OS X Lion is released into the wild, we decided to take an in-depth look at the nearly complete developer beta version.Like most OS X updates, you won’t notice huge changes right away, but after a few minutes you’ll get a sense of the neat iPhone-like aesthetics Apple added.

It’s pretty slick.

Our favourite features so far are the new touch gestures (for those of you with MacBooks or trackpads) and Mission Control, the new feature that lets you cycle between apps and screens in a beautiful new interface.

Lion will be available next month in the Mac App Store as a $30 upgrade. Based on our time with the OS so far, it’s more than worth the price.

But the best way to get a sense of Lion is to see it for yourself. Check out our screenshot tour below.

The Dashboard icon has been replaced with Launchpad. It's the new iOS-like manager for all your apps

Here's Launchpad. When you install Lion, everything in your Applications folder is automatically sorted here

You can create folders just like you can in iOS

The Mac App Store is exactly the same as it is in Snow Leopard. But...

...After installing an app, it gets added to your Launchpad with a nifty animation

Setting up Mail, Contacts, and Calendar accounts is almost exactly the same process as iOS

Here's the new Mail app. You get conversation view just like Gmail. This is also a good example of Lion's new full-screen view for apps.

Calendar got a new look too

Mission control is AWESOME. There are a ton of options to manage your apps, spaces, etc.

Here's what Mission Control looks like. All your open apps show up at the top

Dashboard is still around, but it has a new look. You can access it with a three-finger swipe to the right

Here's the new Finder. The navigation bar on the side has a new look

Air Drop lets you share files over your wireless network. If there were other Lion users on our network they would show up in this window. All you do is drag and drop the file you want to send them

Here's a taste of the new trackpad options. They're fully-customisable of course

Now, your user account shows up in the taskbar at the top

You can also log in with your Apple ID from your user profile. We presume this will be used to sync your account with the App Store and iTunes

Here's Safari's new Reader button. When you're reading an article you like, click the button.

The article pops up in this Instapaper-like view. Right now you can only print or email the article, but rumours suggest you'll eventually be able to sync with your iPhone or iPad

You can access Time Machine even if you don't have an external hard drive connected. This lets you look up previous versions of files

When you restart your computer, you now have the option to boot up the apps you have open at the time

Now check out the next version of iOS

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