12 Guides To Make You An OS X Lion Power User In No Time

os x lion for dummies

Photo: Illustration: Ellis Hamburger

So you have Apple’s new baby OS X Lion running on your Mac, but you aren’t quite sure how to take advantage of all the cool new features.We’ve put together a guide for all of Lion’s most important features, nuances, and tweaks that you need to know about.

What about the features Apple didn't publicize?

It's completely free to install Lion on multiple Macs.

Lion is built around the Mac App Store platform

Feel like something's missing in Lion, but you can't put a finger on it?

But what about keeping track of all your apps?

Annoyed with Lion's new iPhone-inspired features?

Gestures in Lion have a steep learning curve

BONUS: all the gestures Apple didn't publicize

Sharing files with friends over Wi-Fi is now a lot simpler

Lion has a built in auto-save and version-tracking feature

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