Mac Mini: Good For The Environment, But Not Great


The wet blankets at Treehugger tried to come up with a few reasons that the Mac Mini isn’t “a silver bullet for computer energy consumption.”

Their three points:

  • It gets hooked up other stuff like big monitors, which use lots of energy.
  • It uses 13 watts while idling. While running, on the other hand, there’s no indication that it’s all that efficient
  • While it’s nice for individual users to save a few pennies here and there, the real energy suckers are corporations, who won’t be switching to Minis anytime soon.
  • And a bonus idea: No need to abandon all hope, though. The computer you’re currently using can be adjusted to be just as energy efficient as the squat Mac Mini by dimming the screen a little, making computer go to sleep after short bursts of inactivity, etc.

All relevant, we suppose. Though we might counter that every computer will need a monitor, every computer will run hot while not in idle and of course corporations won’t switch to a consumer machine.

Naturally, the Mac Mini isn’t the be all end all of efficient computing, but it is still a rather effective lil box and it’s heading down a course towards greater efficiency, which is a good thing. Maybe it’s not great, just good, for the environment, but are there many greater options in computing?

Here’s Apple’s side of the story.

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