Check Out This Award-Winning, Radical Vision Of The Future Of Search

If it were up to Mac Funamizu, searching on the Internet would be absolutely awesome.
Before Funamizu introduced the idea, he tells Business Insider, he thought of a simple, transparent plate to provide you with relevant information.

“As a designer I can’t stand those many ugly signboards along streets in inconsistent colours and sizes that just distract our attention from what I really need to see, so I was wondering how we could ‘mute’ unnecessary ones so that we could easily find what we wanted,” Funamizu says. “The initial thought with this glass is to grey them out. It could have been done with a usual mobile phone screen, but I wanted to make people look at the real world, not the tiny little screen.”

Funamizu has a bunch of awesome work. In fact, his Looking Glass concept won a design award back in 2009. Be sure to head on over to his blog to see more of his futuristic designs.

The Looking Glass device would be touch screen, and feature a built-in camera, scanner, Wi-Fi, Google Maps/Google Earth for image search. That way, when you look at a building through it, you'll see a Google image search result with relevant info.

You could use the device to get more info about a building, car, insect, etc.

If you select a building, the device could show you the floor plan.

Since it has a built-in scanner, you could use it to look up definitions.

Funamizu believes this would make it much easier and more enjoyable to read a real, physical book.

Applications like the Indoor guide could help you navigate inside buildings, airports, hospitals, etc.

Another app could automatically and simultaneously translate books.

A search keyword app could help you find a word in a bunch of text. It'd be like Ctrl+F for the real world.

Other applications could allow you to explore what you can't see.

You could even see flowers that aren't actually blooming.

The Looking Glass could you give you instant nutritional information.

You could quickly find out how much Vitamin C your meal has, and if it's rich in iron and calcium.

If you ever wonder what the scene you're looking at was like in the past, you could see it through your tablet or mobile device.

A visual aid could turn any book into a picture book for kids.

If the device could wirelessly sync with your phone or other devices, you could explore your data in 3D.

Funamizu envisions retail stores like Ikea creating a Looking Glass app for virtual shopping and furniture design.

Speech balloons for the hearing-impaired could allow them to 'see' our voices. Just imagine how awesome this function would be on Google Glass?

Stressed words are rendered larger than those spoken less loudly. Arrows of the balloons show from where it's spoken (of course).

A scream is shown in a balloon with jags.

Imitation sounds are also rendered, but with other colours than spoken words.

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