BEWARE: The Mac App Store Isn't Nearly As Cheap As The iPhone App Store

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Photo: Image: Flickr via Kate Ter Haar

In case you were hoping that Mac apps in Apple’s new Mac App Store would be as cheap as iPhone apps — a buck or two — so far, you’re going to be disappointed.But folks who have been used to buying Mac apps over-the-counter for years may be pleased by the new prices.

The average top-25 paid Mac app currently costs $12.59, which is roughly 2.5X the average top-25 paid iPad app, which costs $4.87, and more than 10X the average top 25 paid iPhone app, which costs $1.47.

Specific example: “Angry Birds,” the top paid app right now, costs $5 on the Mac App Store, which is 5X more than it costs on the iPhone, and the same as it costs on the iPad.

But the Angry Birds description on the Mac App Store warns that this is a 50% off sale, and that the app could eventually cost $10 — which is 10X more than it costs on the iPhone, and 2X as much as it costs on the iPad.¬†Still, if you’re used to buying Mac games for $40 or more, the new pricing should make you happy.

Similarly, Apple’s iWork apps — Pages, Numbers, and Keynote — cost $20 on the Mac, which is 2X what they cost on the iPad.¬†

But Apple’s Aperture pro photo editing app is only $80 on the Mac App Store, whereas Apple is still selling the Mac DVD for $200.

It’ll be a while before Mac App Store prices are settled, but so far, it looks like they’ll cost around 2-3X what iPad apps cost, but perhaps less than what Mac apps have historically cost.

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