The Mac App Store Is A Game Changer For Evernote -- And Everyone Else

phil libin evernoteEvernote CEO Phil Libin

Photo: Photo by Flickr user New Context Conference

A pretty impressive stat from the great note-taking app Evernote: half of their new users — across all platforms — are coming from the Mac App store.Evernote CEO Phil Libin tells Cult of Mac that this is a potential game changer. Previously, most of Evernote’s new users were coming from mobile, and they thought mobile was their next big growth factor. But maybe it’s not about mobile, maybe there’s just something about a great, well-designed app store.

He adds that eventually, the Mac App Store is going to account for 95% of Mac software distribution.

Those are pretty impressive numbers. When the Mac App Store was first announced, we thought of it as a slightly gimmicky nice-to-have. But it’s already shaping into a game changer for both consumers and developers.

Impressive. Just check out this chart from Evernote:

evernote mac app storeNew users on Evernote

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