M&A And Related 3/28/11


  • VRGY, ATE – the companies sign a definitive merger agreement – Advantest will buy VRGY for $15/shr cash. 
  • NDAQ and ICE are still talking on a joint bid for NYX; some sticking points remain, inc. how much to pay for NYX (the companies think they need to bid at least $40/shr).  Also still not decided is how to value NYX’s various businesses.  Sources say it could take some time for the remaining issues to be addressed.  WSJ  
  • Facebook may hire former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs to help manage the firm’s communications.  Facebook is seeking out Gibbs ahead of a potential IPO.  NYT  
  • BRK, LZ – WSJ discusses how Berkshire’s David Sokol was responsible for discovering LZ as an acquisition candidate, cementing in the minds of many that he is the frontrunner to succeed Buffett as CEO.  The article notes that LZ was considering making an acquisition offer of its own.  WSJ
  • T/T-Mobile – Barron’s is bullish on the deal and thinks regulators will wind up approving the combination.  Barron’s  
  • BP – the co will push forward w/its GBP10B share swap w/Rosneft despite last week’s court ruling blocking the deal.  The Independent.

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