A KPMG boss of 30,000 people says there is a key way to make sure AI doesn’t replace your job

Lynne Doughtie, chairman and CEO of KPMG in the US, is one of the most powerful women in the world after becoming the group’s first female boss in July 2015.

Tasked with overseeing more than 30,000 people, she is also a prominent player on the world stage for helping shape the global agenda at the World Economic Forum each year as well as getting more women into work.

In Davos, Switzerland this year, Doughtie sat down with Business Insider and told us how rapid technological change is impacting on business.

“What I believe, is that it is not a situation where technology replaces people. Particularly in the area of Artificial Intelligence. I think the key word is that it will ‘augment’ the workforce.

“It will create the opportunity to make what we do better. Leveraging all the data and other assets that we have to make better business decisions, to serve our clients in better ways, to fundamentally change how we’re delivering services.

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