A Saudi General Asked Lynn Tilton To Run For President Of The United States And She Said 'Maybe Someday'

Private equity goddess Lynn Tilton, the founder of Patriarch Partners, is
featured in Bloomberg Businessweek’s interview edition.
As part of her job, Tilton — who is known for wearing tight and short Gucci and Cavalli dresses paired with dominatrix-like high heels — spends time with Saudis doing business deals.

Apparently one of the Saudis suggested that she run for President of the United States.

From BW:

Do you handle the sales?

I deliver a lot of helicopters. I delivered the helicopter to the president of Costa Rica. I will do a big ceremony for the prime minister of Kurdistan. I have met with the king of Jordan multiple times.

What do they make of you in Saudi Arabia? Do they ask you to wear a head scarf?

In Saudi Arabia, one dresses as the Saudis do. But I meet with Saudis here and in Dubai. The generals from Saudi Arabia were here, and we were all eating burgers and fries and salads, and one general asked me to run for president of the United States.

What was your response?

I said I have 75 companies and 120,000 people that need me. Maybe someday….

There you have it folks. Maybe one day.

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