How to split a Lyft fare so multiple people can pay for a single ride

To split a Lyft fare, you’ll have to do some maths and use another app for the transaction. Lyft
  • You used to be able to split a Lyft fare in the app, but the company removed this feature in 2018 and has not yet replaced it.
  • If you want to split the cost of Lyft ride, you’ll have to take a few extra steps (and likely use a payment service app, like Venmo) to get it done.
  • Here’s how you can split the cost of a Lyft with a friend.
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When it comes to money, ridesharing can present a problem for groups of friends, since only one person orders and pays for the ride.

Unfortunately, Lyft no longer has a way to address this problem, since it removed its fare-splitting feature in 2018 and has yet to replace it with something similar.

When Lyft removed the feature last year, the company didn’t offer a reason for removing it, but a Lyft spokesperson said at the time that “easier and smoother ways to split your fare” would be coming in 2019.

Lyft did not have a timing update on a replacement feature when recently asked for comment on the matter.

Still, splitting your fare with a friend is worthwhile and a great way to save money.

But since this feature no longer exists within the Lyft app, it will require a few extra steps, as well as a separate payment app, to accomplish on an iPhone or Android phone.

Here’s how to get it done.

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How to split the cost of a Lyft

Once you’ve already taken the ride and tipped your driver, here’s how to split the cost of your Lyft:

1. After your ride, a summary will pop up on your phone detailing the cost of the ride. That’s where you’ll be able to rate the experience and add a tip. Copy the ride cost, and take note of the tip amount.

2. Open your phone’s calculator app and paste in the total cost of the ride and add in the tip, then divide that sum by the total number of people you’re splitting the cost with, including yourself.

Divide the full fare by the number of people taking the ride, including yourself. Devon Delfino/Business Insider

3. Use an app, like Venmo, to send a payment request to your friend, or friends, for the appropriate amount. Or if you want to go analogue, just ask for cash, no payment app required.

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