Inside Lyft's Very Pink Office: The $US950 Million Startup Has A Secret Library Where You'll Find The Best Mustaches In History

Lyft moved into a new, three-floor headquarters on 2300 Harrison Street in San Francisco.

Its iconic pink mustaches — and even thick strands of the mustaches — are everywhere. Employees can steal away in secret libraries, on the roof deck, or in one of a few cafeterias to get work done.

Business Insider visited Lyft in September and sat down with President John Zimmer. Zimmer says when he’s having a rough day at work, he takes a Lyft car to and from the office. He doesn’t tell the drivers he’s President of the company that employs them (although he does if they ask).

Zimmer says hearing how Lyft has improved their lives is the best kind of pick-me-up; it helps him deal with legal headaches in the ride-sharing industry, and a not-so-passive-aggressive war with its main competitor, Uber. Uber recently stole Lyft’s COO and runs advertising campaigns encouraging people to “shave the ‘stache.”

Lyft is currently doing millions of rides per month on its platform, with revenue growing 40% month over month.

The entryway and front desk in Lyft's new headquarters were designed to make visitors feel like they are walking through the pink mustache.

Here's a close up under the shaggy shade of the reception desk.

The 'stache hairs were packed tightly into the ceiling and are made of foam pool noodles covered in stretchy pink fabric. Walking beneath them feels a little like going through a car wash.

Both elevators in Lyft's dog-friendly office are lined with the 'stache's signature pink fur.

Here's a closer look.

There is one kitchen area on each of the three floors at Lyft. With open seating, couch areas and south-facing views of San Francisco's Mission District, the areas offer employees a place to brainstorm, eat lunch or take a break.

This is Lyft's brand workshop. It houses all the ideas and materials to add some va-va-voom to every ride experience.

Stadium seating blankets a portion of the first floor at the Lyft office and is used as a place for Lyft's bi-weekly company meeting, training sessions and extra seating during lunchtime for anyone who wants to get comfortable.

The rooftop at the Lyft office features a 360-degree view of San Francisco's Mission District and has seating (and lounge chairs) for employees to use while eating lunch, taking a break or meeting with colleagues.

To encourage ongoing collaboration and creativity, Lyft chose an open seating arrangement with adjustable standing desks. Teams are encouraged to make their spaces their own and often choose to add extra flair to their desk -- whatever will keep the good ideas flowing.

Throughout the office lie several breakout areas with couches, beanbags, coffee tables and games so employees can feel comfortable taking a break when they need one.

Paintings of Lyft employees' favourite childhood stories hang on the walls. But there's something interesting behind the painting of Willy Wonka.

If you push on the painting, the wall gives way to a secret library.

Lyft's secret library is a place for employees to relax and enjoy some quiet time. No phones are allowed in this secret escape, but several portraits of one of the best mustaches of all time, Tom Selleck's, hang on the walls with pride.

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