Uber Rival Lyft Is Launching In New York

Lyft, the fist-bumping and pink-mustachioed ride-sharing startup, is launching in Brooklyn and Queens this Friday.

This is Lyft’s biggest launch to date, with over 500 drivers already on board. That figure is about 10 times Lyft’s founding drivers community in other cities.

To be clear, if you hop in a Lyft car in Brooklyn, you’ll be able to go within Brooklyn, to Queens, and even to Manhattan. The only rule is that the ride has to start within Brooklyn or Queens. So, you won’t be able to hail a Lyft car in Manhattan and take it back to Brooklyn.

Although Lyft’s model isn’t covered by any existing city or state law, the startup says it’s working with the Taxi Limousine Commission to discuss Lyft’s safety measures.

“We have voluntarily engaged with TLC to explain how our peer-to-peer model works and the measures we take for safety,” a Lyft spokesperson told Business Insider via email. “This is a continued conversation that started when Lyft’s VP of Government Relations appeared on a NYU panel with TLC Commissioner Meera Joshi.”

Regulatory issues continue to plague startups like Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb. Just last month, one of the top public university system’s in the world announced that it’s considering banning its employees from using those services. Meanwhile, the New York Attorney General is investigating the legality of Uber’s surge pricing.

Lyft is now live in more than 60 cities across the country. Back in April, Lyft raised a $US250 million round of funding backed by Alibaba. To date, Lyft has raised $US332.5 million.

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