Lyft launches a new way to roll up to the party like a rock star

Uber started with a black car service to move “ballers” around town.

Lyft, its friendlier pink-mustached foe, didn’t have the same objective of being a cab company for the rich. Yet in the last few years, Lyft has expanded its ride options from just a ride in a back of a Prius to higher-end “Premier” cars.

Its push into luxury isn’t over yet. On Thursday, the company is unveiling its latest fancy way to take a ride: Lyft Lux.

The new option is a black car service that’s designed to ferry people to-and-from weddings or black-tie events. Lyft already has a “premier” level that features upscale cars above your typical Prius on the platform. But Lux has its own set of requirements, including all-black exterior, leather (or leather-like) seats, and only 2011 model vehicles or later.

Lyft’s choice of name for its new upscale service is an odd one given that Uber has its own even-more-luxury service called Uber Lux. Uber Lux only includes extra high-end cars like Bentleys or Teslas and is available only in select markets like Miami and Los Angeles.

Despite the similarity of name, Lyft Lux will be a closer equivalent to Uber’s original black car brand. The company says it’s designed for riders needing to impress at high-end occasions, whether it’s an important business meeting or transporting guests to and from a wedding. Starting Thursday, Lux will be an option for riders in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and San Jose.

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