The 10 Most Outrageous Luxury Toys You Can Buy From Hammacher Schlemmer

BBQ Dining Boat Hammacher Schlemmer

Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer

What started as a small hardware store in the Bowery back in 1848 is now one of the most successful innovation retailers. Hammacher Schlemmer was responsible for offering the first pop-up toaster, electric razor, steam iron, electric pencil sharpener, microwave oven, answering machine and on and on. No longer is the brand synonymous with just appliances and home goods. Today Hammacher Schlemmer offers some of the most expensive and ingenious luxury goods on the market. 

From a personal submarine to an animatronic triceratops, the catalogue’s offerings are a veritable playland for both kids and adults. All of their products come with a lifetime guarantee.

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The 85 Foot Inflatable Military Course offers a boot-camp style obstacle complete with two rope swings and a 12-foot-deep pit for $12,500.

If the traditional bike is not for you, the Dutch-made motorised Monocycle, $13,000, can go up to 25 mph and run for up to two hours on half a gallon of gas.

The Barbecue Dining Boat with built-in charcoal grill seats up to 10 adults has a retractable umbrella and 30-watt electric trolling motor for $50,000.

For serious gamers and race car aficionados, The Stock Car Racing Simulator, $60,000, has two paddle gear shifters (like in real race cars), 22

Now on to the really good stuff: The Killer Whale Submarine, $100,000, holds two people and can hydroplane at 50 mph on the water's surface or 25 mph underwater. You'll be porpoising and skyhopping in no time.

With the aid of horizontal integrated wings, The Flying Hovercraft, $190,000, soars up to 70 mph at an incline of 30 per cent over sand, water, ice, snow and jumps obstacles of up to 20 feet on land. Pretty standard really.

Get your at-home museum started with the 20-foot Animatronic Triceratops which bellows, stomps, growls and sways its tri-horned head for a mere $350,000.

Why not treat yourself to a 66-year-old restored Patrol Torpedo boat from WWII for a cool $1 million? Sorry to report that the Browning machine gun stations and Oerlikon cannon have been deactivated.

This two-person submarine can travel down to depths of 1,000 feet under the ocean's surface in a climate-controlled acrylic pressure sphere. Get your Jacques Cousteau on for $2 million.

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