You can buy a luxury dog house for your pet that looks like a mid-century modern ranch

Play GIFTed + ChelseaThe houses can cost up to $US4,000.
  • L.A. based husband-and-wife design team Alejandro and Sara Pijuán of Pijuán Design Workshop make luxury dog houses.
  • The duo won an Etsy Design Award for their “woof ranch,” which features a garden, an Astroturf porch, and an indoor window for squirrel watching that costs $US4,000.
  • Their creations are inspired by mid-century modern architecture, and they can be customised to fit your dog’s needs. You can find out more about their designs on Etsy.
  • The Pijuáns have created eight homes already, and they told Insider they’re currently working on their next design.
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Dog love runs deep, and it’s not unusual to see a dog owner pamper their pup with treats, toys, and cushions for them to lay their paws on.

Pijuán Design Workshop takes dog dedication to the next level with its luxury houses for pooches. Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife design team Alejandro and Sara Pijuán are the masterminds behind the homes. They’re both professional architects, and they apply their love of mid-century modern architecture to the dog houses.

Learn more about the houses and the couple that makes them below.

Based in Los Angeles, California, husband-and-wife team Alejandro and Sara Pijuán design and build luxury dog houses.

Danielle MurrayAlejandro; Sara; their son, Isaac; and their dog, Adi.

The couple told Insider that they met at the University of Southern California in 2005, where they were both enrolled in graduate school for architecture. They wed in 2010, and now work full-time at separate architecture firms.

They got into canine architecture in 2012, when Alejandro designed their first dog home, the dog retreat. It won an award at the OC Fair, which is held annually in Orange County, California, and the couple saw the potential of luxury dog homes as a product.

The couple built the first model of the woof ranch in 2015, leading to the formation of their company, Pijuán Design Workshop.

Ted + ChelseaThe woof ranch won the 2019 Etsy Design Award for ‘Creative Collaborations.’

All of their houses are handmade and designed to function as actual mini-houses for dogs, so they require a lot of detailed work. “It’s all hand built at the time of the order, so it takes six to eight weeks to build it,” Sara told Insider.

They do the work together, though Sara is in charge of the colour schemes. “I’m actually colour blind,” Alejandro explained to Insider. “Everything you see in terms of the finishes and the colours, Sara picks.”

The woof ranch retails for $US4,000.

The couple designs their dog houses to look like miniature homes, complete with aesthetic details like planters, roof slats, and hanging eaves.

Pijuan Design Workshop/EtsyThe Pijuán’s dog sits in the woof ranch.

The woof ranch, which won the 2019 Etsy Design Award for “Creative Collaborations,” is their most luxurious dog house to date. It features Astroturf and a garden, giving dogs separate indoor and outdoor areas to play.

“We like to take our time to make sure the elements are as perfect as they can be,” Alejandro said of their attention to detail.

Their designs are inspired by mid-century modern architecture. “We both just really gravitate towards that design style,” Sara told Insider.

“We like the design logic of it and the exposed structure,” she said. “It also has a lot of indoor outdoor connection,” she added, which is great for their canine clients. The exposed structure gives pups freedom to come in and out as they please.

The houses are also customisable. Buyers can request specific finishes, specify the words they want painted onto the house you see in red above, or ask for a model in a certain size to accommodate their dog.

The designers told us the woof ranch is their favourite, as it’s their most popular product and the first they designed as a team.

Pijuan Design Workshop/EtsyThe woof ranch includes a squirrel window.

“It’s kind of our baby, the one we’ve put the most design and refinement effort into,” Sara explained. Details like the squirrel window are part of what makes the product stand out.

The designers say they have sold 15 dog houses since January 2019. Considering it takes them at least six weeks to make one house, you can imagine how busy they have been.

Pijuan Design Workshop/EtsyThere’s a convenient place to keep food.

“Etsy really has kind of springboarded us,” Alejandro says of their relationship with the seller. They don’t make all of their sales through the site, but it’s helped them gain a reputation as luxury dog house builders. “That’s why we chose the Design Awards to enter our product,” Alejandro added.

But the houses really are a labour of love. Even the Pijuáns’ son Isaac helps to create the one-of-a-kind products.

Danielle MurrayIsaac helps his father build a dog house.

“He loves working with us,” Alejandro told Insider. “He actually gets upset if he finds out that I went outside and did something without him.”

They also make indoor houses for smaller dogs, like the pet retreat, that double as storage for humans.

Pijuan Design Workshop/EtsyThe small dog houses are designed with human functionality in mind.

Unlike their outdoor counterparts, the smaller houses focus on the functionality for humans first in design. They act as end tables for people, which is why you’ll find features like shelves or compartments for books, as well as a bed for a smaller dog.

“We try to use the ones indoors as mid-century modern pieces, but we also try to treat them as works of art,” Alejandro told Insider. “We have one client who bought one just to use as a show piece in the corner of his home, and he doesn’t even have a dog.”

The pet retreat costs $US2,100.

The houses for smaller dogs are made with a veneer finish, so they can’t be used outside.

Pijuan Design Workshop/EtsyThe Pijuáns offer eight dog houses to consumers.

But the duo said they wouldn’t rule out the possibility of making a version for small dogs that works outside.

They have a new model coming out in February 2020 at Palm Springs’ Modernism Week, an annual celebration of modern architecture. The details of the project are under wraps for the time being.

Right now, they have eight designs in total. You can learn more about Pijuan Design Workshop’s dog houses on their Etsy page, website, or follow the couple on Instagram.

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