Luxury properties in Auckland are losing their backyards to the sea as cliff gives way

‘Truckloads’ of cliff have fallen onto the beach below, firefighters say. Photo: Zizi Sparks/Fairfax NZ/Supplied

The backyards of three clifftop properties on Auckland’s North Shore are slipping onto the beach below following torrential rain.

Fire Service shift manager Jaron Phillips said firefighters were looking into evacuating residents from the properties, in Waiake’s Sharon Rd, on Wednesday morning.

Another view of the Browns Bay cliff slip. Photo: Martyn Baker/Supplied

One of the houses was just 10 metres from the cliff.

A geotech engineer was on site, but it was not yet known if the road would be closed, a Fire Service spokeswoman said.

East Coast Bays Fire Station officer Martyn Baker said “truckloads” of cliff had slid down onto the beach.

“We’ve told residents to stay in their homes and not go on their decks,” he said.

“[The dirt is] like a floating carpet.”

Baker said the Fire Service was waiting for advice before deciding on further action.

“We’ll probably empty the swimming pool because you can imagine how much that weighs. “

One resident said cracks had appeared in the cliff overnight, and three pohutakawa had fallen down onto the beach.

It was a 25 metre drop down the cliff, she said.

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