Luxury apartments with views of the Queen's garden are on sale across from Buckingham Palace -- and they go up to £30 million

  • 72 luxury apartments are on sale right across from Buckingham Palace.
  • The No. 1 Palace Road property, set to be complete in 2019, boasts views over the Palace’s Gardens.
  • The apartments start at £2.5 million and go up to £30 million.

If you’re a fan of the royal family, you can now get a front row seat to their lives – if you have £2.5 million to spare, that is.

No. 1 Palace Street, a luxury development from London developer Northacre, is offering prospective buyers the opportunity to live right across from Buckingham Palace.

Located in the sought-after St. James’ Park neighbourhood, the residence – which will boast 72 “state-of-the-art” apartments – is due to be complete in 2019. Apartments start at £2.5 million and go up to a whopping £30 million – and 70% of them have already sold, according to the company.

Here’s where the property is located:


Set on a 300,000 square foot island site inside a Grade II-listed property originally created in 1890 as The Palace Hotel – which hosted guests of Queen Victoria before the third wing of the Palace was built – the residence will offer views over the 47-acre Buckingham Palace Gardens. The location is even more idyllic if you can blag your way into one of the Queen’s garden parties.

Here’s what it will look like inside the property’s Buckingham Gate entrance:

No.1 Palace Street   Buckingham Gate EntranceNorthacre

Whether it’s a one-bedroom or a penthouse, each apartment will have a unique layout and a custom design to “complement the different architectural styles of the building,” according to the company.

Here’s what you can expect from a bedroom…


Reception room…


…and a kitchen.


The property’s 10,000 square feet of facilities will also include a 6,500 square foot “haven of wellbeing” which will feature a gym, personal training suites, treatment rooms, and “one of the most impressive private pools in the Capital,” which will overlook the courtyard and private garden.

No.1 Palace Street   Swimming PoolNorthacre

The property will also feature a cinema room, library, and entertaining suite, while residents will be able to make use of personal catering from the development’s restaurant.

And if these pictures are anything to go by, the outside of the building will be equally as impressive.

No.1 Palace Street   Buckingham Gate Façade NightNorthacre’

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