A driver with parking startup Luxe was involved in fatal car wreck in San Francisco

A Luxe valet driver was behind the wheel of a jeep when it collided with a BMW in San Francisco and left one person dead, as first reported by CNET.

On April 27, the valet driver was in a Jeep when it collided with a BMW making a left turn onto San Francisco’s Embarcadero. The gruesome accident trapped the couple in the convertible. 

The front seat passenger, Janet Gelow, later died from her injuries. CNET identified the Luxe driver as Armani Diles of San Francisco.

The San Francisco police department is still investigating the accident.  

The collision is the first time a Luxe valet driver has been involved in a fatality. Luxe is an on-demand startup, similar to ride-sharing service Uber. Luxe’s customers use its app to order a valet, who then picks up the customer’s car and drives it to a secure parking lot. At the push of a button, a customer can have their car returned to them. 

The valet is now inactive on the platform pending the investigation, and the company is cooperating fully, a Luxe spokesperson said.

“We are aware of the incident involving one of our valets, which occurred on April 27 along San Francisco’s Embarcadero near AT&T Park. We are cooperating with the San Francisco Police Department and because it is an open investigation we are not able to comment further,” said a Luxe spokesperson.  

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