The Rich Neighbours Of Sydney's Amusement Venue Luna Park Are Complaining About It Again

A long-running stoush between Sydney’s Luna Park and residents in expensive apartments surrounding it has flared up again.

This time the waterfront amusement park’s neighbours aren’t pleased with a 37-metre high ride which opened about a year ago without proper approval.

The “Hair Raiser” lifts thrill-seekers way up high to enjoy views over Sydney before letting them plummet back to earth.

Some residents have labelled the ride visually offensive and are complaining the lights which cover it shine into their apartments and screams from riders are disturbing.

Luna Park, which is operated by Brookfield Multiplex, is now seeking planning approval from the ride.

While the 80-year-old park is just one of two Heritage Listed amusement parks in the world, it has been the subject of ongoing legal battles with surrounding residents over the last 20 years as habourside apartment developments sprung up around the site.

Following numerous problems in the wake of the fatal 1979 ghost train fire, which killed six children and an adult, noise complaints began to emerge in 1995 over the Big Dipper rollercoaster and the park closed just 13 months later, citing restrictions on operating hours for the ride and subsequent falling visitor numbers as one of the reasons why it became unprofitable.

Luna Park reopened in 2004, but the legal battles have continued, with several Milsons Point residents and a developer seeking $20 million in damages, and the relocation or closure of two rides in legal action citing the Trade Practices Act. The case was dismissed in 2009.

Some residents have said the park should be allowed to stay viable as it draws visitors to the Milsons Point area.

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