This Startup Will Rent You A Box Of Fitness Trackers For A Week

Fitbit ChargeFitbitThe Fitbit Charge is just one of many fitness trackers available.

A gadget rental company called Lumoid has introduced a new service that will ship you up to five fitness trackers of your choosing to try for a week,
Fast Company’s Chris Gayomali

Like a “Warby Parker for wearables,” the company will let you try each tracker risk-free.

Each band comes packaged in a small plastic bag containing a short description of what the device is, who it might be suited for, and what kinds of biometric readings it gathers, Gayomali writes.

If you want to purchase one of the trackers, simply send all five items back by the end of the week and indicate which one you’d like to purchase. will then charge your card and ship you a brand new product.

Consumers can choose from a range of bands including Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Nike+ products, swim-friendly Garmin Vivosmart, Samsung’s Gear Fit, and more.

The service is ideal for people who are already in the market for a fitness band (not many, according to data released last week), but are having trouble deciding between products.

You can wear multiple bands for multiple activities over a number of days and determine which tracker fits best with your lifestyle.

If you spend a week trying all five bands and decide not to make a purchase, you are charged a $US20 try-on fee.

Y-Combinator backed Lumoid is based in San Francisco. The startup initially focused on renting out other expensive products such as DSLRs, lenses, quadcopters, and even Google Glass.

Lumoid’s full selection of fitness trackers is available here.

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