Lumber Liquidators will test your laminate flooring for free

Lumber Liquidators — the largest hardwood retailer in the US — is offering free testing of its flooring to customers following a “60 Minutes” report that raised doubt about the company’s laminate manufactured in China.

“To reassure our customers, we have implemented an air quality testing program at no cost to the customer,” Lumber Liquidators CEO Rob Lynch said on a conference call on Thursday.

He continued: “The testing is done by an independent third-party lab for an initial screening. The customer is in control of the process, with clear instructions on the test and its results. Unfavorable results will lead to further steps to determine air quality and the source. Our customer care team works with the customer throughout the process. Currently, less than 1,000 customers who have purchased laminates from China have requested an air quality in-home testing kit. Most people simply want to confirm their trust in Lumber Liquidators’ products and that their air quality is safe.”

Lynch said that if a customer still isn’t satisfied after the testing, they will consider replacing the floors at an expected cost of up to $US4,000.

On March 1, “60 Minutes” aired a report that found that Lumber Liquidators appears to be selling laminate flooring made in China with levels of formaldehyde higher than what’s permitted under California law.

The company dismissed the report and said they stand by their products as being safe. They also said they believe “60 Minutes” used an “improper” test method for its report.

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