Lululemon's New 'Children/Orgasm' Ad Is Creeping Everyone Out

lululemon tote bag


Lululemon, the seller of $98 yoga pants and spreader of Ayn Rand principles has finally  managed to creep out its even its own loyal customers.The company manifesto, posted on Lululemon’s website, says:

Children are the orgasm of life. Just as you did not know what an orgasm was before you had one, nature does not let you know how great children are until you actually have them.

The awkward declaration has drawn ire from customers on forums and mummy blogs.

Bloggers at posted a picture of a tote bag with the saying and complained it was “creepy.”

The counted it among the least inspiring of Lululemon’s sayings.

And responses on a Reddit thread ranged from “weirdos” to “WTF???”

Considering its smart business strategy and widespread success, Lululemon still goes through periods of tone-deafness. The chain is proof that good product can trump even the most misguided marketing.

Here’s an image taken from the manifesto, below:

lululemon manifesto


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