Don't Expect To Get A Workout At Lululemon's Free Yoga Course

I’ve always been curious about Lululemon’s free yoga events. Considering they’ve convinced women to shell out $98 for yoga pants, they’ve clearly found a way to strike a chord.

I went to the retailer’s free yoga course at NYC’s Bryant Park Thursday night. When I arrived, they had roped off the entire green space and filled them with mats:

yoga mats

Photo: Ashley Lutz

The yoga instructor told me the typical crowd on Thursday nights is 600 people! The crowd was mostly women, with a few disgruntled boyfriends thrown in. There were also some spectators, mostly men, some of whom creepily took pictures of us:

spectators men park

Photo: Ashley Lutz

Of course, the mats included the Lululemon logo, the only mention of the company that I saw. Some people brought their own mats but weren’t allowed to use them.

lululemon yoga mat

Photo: Ashley Lutz

A yoga instructor stood at the front and yelled out different poses over a loudspeaker, while other instructors walked around and corrected people. But no one really knew what they were doing, especially me. At one point, I fell over and some of the instructors who were just sitting at the front laughed at me.

people doing yoga park

Photo: Ashley Lutz

At the end, the instructor told us we had exercised our bodies and let go of our negative energy. But all I had done was stand on one leg and tried not to hit the person one foot away from me. People became lazy and started to fall asleep on their mats, causing the teacher to yell at them.

If you’re considering going to yoga, it’s probably worth shelling out $20 for a class more intimate than 600 people.

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