Lululemon Says That Customers Complaining About See-Through Pants Are Just Buying The Wrong Size

lululemon yoga

Lululemon customers continue to complain that the retailer’s yoga pants are see-through. 

But the company insists that the problem is taken care of, and that customers who feel the pants are too sheer are probably just buying them too small, The Canadian Press reported

“Guests don’t have the benefit of doing an in-store fit session with one of our educators to make sure the fit is right for them,” Lululemon said in a Frequently Asked Questions section of its website.

The company recalled 17% of its bottoms for being too sheer in March. The problem was later traced to a testing error. 

Despite the company’s insistence that the problem is solved, customers continue to complain on forums that the pants are see through. 

Liz Dunn, an analyst at Macquarie Capital, wrote in a note this week that sheer pants are a persistent problem at Lululemon. 

The issue comes at a dangerous time: Lululemon has faced a deluge of competition from brands including Gap’s Athleta. 

“We see a narrow window of opportunity for Lululemon to really fix quality,” Dunn wrote. “Otherwise, customers may jump ship to competing brands.”