Why The Whole Fashion Industry Is Watching Lululemon’s Lawsuit Against Calvin Klein

astro pants lululemon
Lululemon is accusing Calvin Klein of copying these pants.

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Lululemon is accustomed to copycats. The popular activewear sensation has seen imitators from Gap’s Athleta and Nordstrom’s Zella brands.But they never took legal action — until now.

The outcome of this lawsuit has big implications for the entire fashion industry. 

Lululemon announced last months its suing Calvin Klein for allegedly copying its “Astro” yoga pants. The yoga retail alleged that Calvin Klein violated patents of the unusual waistband and design of the pants. 

Calvin Klein took down the pants immediately after the lawsuit was announced, leading legal experts to speculate that the brand was considering settling the suit. 

Patent lawsuits are difficult to win in apparel, and the results of the Lululemon lawsuit could set precedents for copycats everywhere, Allison Martell at Reuters reported:  

“What Lululemon is doing here is staking its turf,” said Jeremy de Beer, an intellectual property expert and law professor at the University of Ottawa.

“The business strategy is to deter other people from even trying to copy designs, because it’s going to cause them legal problems,” he said.

So far, fighting copycats in fashion has been futile. Lululemon’s case will send a strong message to the retail industry about creative property. 

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