How the CEO of guy-rating app Lulu organizes her pink-filled work space

Lulu office alexandra chongMadeline Stone / Business InsiderLulu cofounder and CEO Alexandra Chong.

Lulu, an appthat allows women to anonymously rate men on a scale of 1 to 10, brings a playful twist to the online dating sphere.

Women can rate men on everything from appearance to ambition to gentlemanliness, allowing them to get the real dirt on a man even before they start dating.

Lulu CEO Alexandra Chong recently gave us a peek into her work space, which was recently designed as part of a partnership between home decor startup Homepolish and Lenscrafters.

With lots of personal touches and plenty of pink, Chong’s new office is just as playful and feminine as you would expect.

Lulu's offices are located in New York City, not far from Madison Square Park.

In keeping with the app's girly branding, there are little pops of pink everywhere.

Most of Lulu's 30-person team works in this open office space.

CEO Alexandra Chong spends much of her work day in this glass-enclosed corner office.

Chong's office was recently redesigned by Homepolish as part of a partnership with Lenscrafters.

The focus of the redesign was minimising the eye strain that comes with a typical work day. 'I'm usually switching between my laptop and phone,' Chong said to Business Insider. 'My eyes are always exhausted at the end of the day.'

The pops of pink are both on-brand and helpful for reducing eye strain. The bright colour serves as a reminder to look up every few minutes and give your eyes a break.

Even the lemonade Chong serves is of the pink variety.

She splits her time between the main office area and this room, which has large white boards she can take notes on.

Homepolish also added some plants to the office design -- according to Lenscrafters, green is the most soothing colour for eyes to absorb.

The sticker on Chong's laptop is a shout-out to #BUILTBYGIRLS, a movement to get young women involved in tech.

These chairs hold great sentimental value to Chong. Taken from her home in the UK, Chong and longtime friend Alison Schwartz were sitting on these chairs when they founded Lulu.

A double decker bus hidden behind Chong's computer is another call-out to the app's British heritage.

The CEO says she primarily uses this part of the office for meetings, showing slides on this enormous TV.

A set of shelves in one corner holds stylish photos, startup-themed books, and more internet-y decor.

Her reading choices range from matchmaking advice to startup strategy.

In October 2014, Chong was included in Business Insider's SA100 list, which honours the most interesting people in New York City tech. She keeps the award on a shelf in her office.

A former tennis pro who once played on the Jamaican National Team, Chong keeps her racket close by. 'I don't play as much as I'd like,' she said.

Almost all of the walls in the office can be written on, including in this conference room.

Elsewhere in the Lulu office, there's a large kitchen with free snacks.

As well as some Lulu giveaways.

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