Sergey Brin and Kate Winslet were at dating app CEO Alexandra Chong’s epic Jamaican island wedding

Alexandra Chong wedding
The happy couple. Twitter/Eileen Burbidge

Alexandra Chong, the CEO of dating app Lulu, got married over the weekend in Jamaica to her long-term boyfriend Jack Brockway.

The wedding was a star-studded affair, with sources telling us that guests included Google cofounder Sergey Brin, entrepreneur Richard Branson, Princess Eugenie and Kate Winslet.

Brockway’s brother is Ned Rocknroll, the husband of actress Kate Winslett, who was the star guest at the wedding. An Instagram video shows the actress singing during the ceremony:

The New York Times reports that Chong first met her husband in 2012 at a kitesurfing and networking event in Maui. They then met each other a week later on Necker Island, the luxurious island retreat of entrepreneur Richard Branson.

Branson was photographed at Chong’s wedding, and is also believed to have given a speech. His children Sam and Holly Branson were also in attendance for both the pirate-themed cruise down the river in rafts, as well as the ceremony:

Also present at the wedding was Google cofounder Sergey Brin, who mingled with guests during the reception. He was sat next to a woman named Nicole, who we believe to be Nicole Shanahan, the founder of patent technology company ClearAccessIP. (We’ve reached out to her to check.)

Here’s a shot of the revellers enjoying themselves on a beach:

The evening ended with fireworks above the wedding party. You can tell it’s a tech wedding, too, from the drone perched in the corner of the photo:

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