L'Ulivo Bianco : The Priceless Platinum Tree

One of the most precious metals on the planet – Platinum ( one of the rarest metal) has been used to create a priceless tree sculpture embedded with diamonds. Previewed at the ongoing Venice Film Festival, the Ulivo Bianco which translates into White Olive Tree went on display yesterday (28th September). The olive tree has been selected since it stands as a symbol of peace and light while its oil is one of the main ingredients in Mediterranean cooking.

The olive tree has been sculpted from a block of Carrara marble whose branches and leaves have been created from platinum. A whopping 3,333 grams of Platinum (7.34 pounds) has been used in this endeavour. To further beautify the sculpture, a total of 3,003 diamonds (which add up to a sum total of 366 carats) have also been used n the sculpture. The platinum was specifically chosen since it is believed to represent purity, incorruptibility and eternity.

The tree has been created by the artist and theologian Agatino Cappella who is the World Diamond Group’s Artistic Director. The Ulivo Bianco took shape under the direction of the artist in the Roberto Casarotto Factory where they melted and worked the Platinum.

The olive tree was unveiled at the same time as the World Diamond Group Platinum Award for friendship between nations was presented to Indian actress Preity Zinta. The winner of this award in this case is the woman who shares the same attributes as the tree – one who is faced with important decisions, strongly believe and cherish their own values and qualities.

The Ulivo Bianco will now head to Palazzo Lascaris in Turin before it sets off on a world tour.

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