Luke Skywalker Looks Every Bit The Jedi Master To Be Reckoned With On The Set Of Star Wars: Episode VII

There’s been no shortage of willingness from Disney and JJ Abrams to share leaks from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII.

They’ve dried up a bit in the past few weeks though. According to Den of Geek, that’s due to a halt in production while Han Solo’s ankle heals.

But this latest shot from Pinewood Studios is a bit exciting. It’s not official, though:

Picture: Nathan Hamill

Yes, that’s Luke Skywalker, as snapped by his son Nathan, who has a quirky website that documents the travels of “Lavabear”, who you can see tucked under Mark Hamill’s arm here.

Hamill himself, obviously some 40 years older, looks the goods. The stare and that beard in particular are well-suited to an intimidating, yet venerable Jedi Master.

Outside of that, the next big news is the chance of the first trailer being released just after Christmas, and these unverified shots of an updated Millennium Falcon – which apparently is now owned by the character played by newcomer Oscar Isaacs.

Picture: Actus/
Picture: Actus/

We know Han Solo gets a run around in it though, because it’s where he hurt his ankle.

That pic and this one which looks to be the interior of an Imperial Star Destroyer come from an unnamed Facebook page, posted on, so make of it what you will.

Picture: Actus/

Ford will be back on set by the end of the month. Star Wars: Episode VII will be released in cinemas on December 18, 2015.

UPDATE: Of course, now the drought’s broken, here’s the biggest leak of all, courtesy of Indie Revolver:

Picture: Indie Revolver

That’s allegedly the new Stormtrooper helmet. But it could also be a Snowtrooper, or a “Jungle Trooper”.

Head over to Indie Revolver for their analysis and more Stormtrooper pics.

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