An NBA player who has made $45 million got traded 3 times in 25 hours

Luke ridnour minnesota timberwolves

In the chaos of the build-up to the NBA Draft, nobody has had a more exciting 36 hours than Luke Ridnour.

Ridnour, a 12-year NBA veteran who’s made over $US45 million in his career, has been traded three times since Sunday.

Ridnour was a member of the Orlando Magic on Wednesday morning. Before noon, however, he was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies:

Things were quiet the rest of the day for Ridnour, but then Wednesday morning, he was traded to the Charlotte Hornets:

Ridnour didn’t get too comfy in Charlotte, because he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder two hours later:

But from the sounds of it, Ridnour shouldn’t get too comfortable in Oklahoma City, either:

As SB Nation’s Seth Rosenthal notes, Ridnour’s tour across the US tops former NBA player Quentin Richardson’s four-trades-in-two-months streak. Ridnour has now been a member of four teams in slightly over 24 hours and he may still become a free agent or get traded again. 

Hopefully for Ridnour’s sake, he’s sitting at home, relaxing, waiting for finalization before apartment hunting.

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