Here are the stars of Netflix's superhero show 'Luke Cage'

Netflix’s next superhero show, “Jessica Jones,” hasn’t even premiered and we’re already hearing more about its followup series, “Luke Cage.”

Thursday, Marvel announced more cast members who will join the new show about Carl Lucas who becomes endowed with superhuman abilities.

“Luke Cage” will be the third series in Netflix’s lineup of interconnected Marvel shows.

Meet the cast below!

Mike Colter will play the titular Luke Cage.


After being wrongfully imprisoned, an experimental lab procedure behind bars gave him superhuman strength.

We'll be introduced to Cage this November in Marvel's upcoming 'Jessica Jones' series.

Simone Missick will play Harlem detective Misty Knight who's on the hunt for Luke Cage.

In the comics, the character has a bionic arm courtesy of Tony Stark after losing it in a bombing accident. The arm gives her superhuman strength.

Rosario Dawson will also show up on the series. She currently stars as Claire Temple in 'Daredevil' and will reprise her role in November's 'Jessica Jones.'

Barry Wetcher/Netflix

Temple will be doing much more than tending to Matt Murdock's wounds. She may be the only person in this crew who doesn't seem to have it out for Cage.

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