WATCH: This Musician’s Response To A Cell Phone Interruption Is Brilliant

It’s every performer’s nightmare: a cell phone ringing in the middle of a performance. But Slovak violist Lukáš Kmit surprised everyone with his reaction to the Nokia mobile phone ringtone going off in the middle of a powerful solo, The Telegraph reports.

Instead of throwing a fit or stopping the recital altogether, the musician expressed his irritation by playing the tune back on his instrument, much to the audience’s delight.

A video of the performance which took place at the Jewish Orthodox Synagogue in Presov, Slovakia, has since gone viral and has been watched over one million times. Although the incident happened last year, the video only became popular after it was posted to Facebook on January 12, according to The Telegraph.

Some viewers have questioned the violinist’s unflappable reaction, suggesting the video may be a publicity stunt for Nokia. However, it could very well be genuine, given the Nokia tune is itself a modified version of “Gran Vals”, originally written by Spanish classical guitarist Francisco Tarrega in 1902, Mashable reports.

Kmit’s response is in complete contrast to that of the New York Philharmonic’s, which stopped the performance midway when an iPhone’s marimba ringtone interrupted the music, according to The Daily Mail.