Nintendo's latest Switch exclusive stars one of its iconic characters in his very own spin-off

‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’/NintendoArmed with the Poltergust G00, Luigi is ready to take on any ghost.

Nintendo’s newest exclusive for the Switch is “Luigi’s Mansion 3,” an adventure game that blends blends horror, comedy, and classic “Super Mario” characters into one adorable package.

“Luigi’s Mansion 3” launches on October 31, but Nintendo gave us a chance to play through the first few hours of the game before it’s released.

Luigi, the brother and perennial sidekick of Nintendo’s mascot Mario, has to rescue his friends from a haunted hotel after they’re taken captive by Luigi’s arch-nemesis, King Boo. Players have to solve puzzles, find clues, and use Luigi’s ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner to save the day.

Like the previous “Luigi’s Mansion” games, “Luigi’s Mansion 3” doesn’t have the same sort of acrobatic platforming you’d expect from “Super Mario.” The game has a much slower pace as you explore every corner of the hotel, and you’ll have to be ready for jump scares and ghosts lurking in the shadows.

Luigi’s vacuum, the Poltergust G00, can do much more than just suck things up – you’ll use it to grab objects and fire them at ghosts, you can drag obstacles out of the way, and even use it to swing across gaps in the floor. While most “Super Mario” games have a clear path to the end, you’ll need to put your thinking cap on to figure out how to complete puzzles and defeat special boss ghosts in “Luigi’s Mansion 3.”

“Luigi’s Mansion 3” will also have multiplayer mode for up to four people to take on endless challenges online, or playing on the same Switch console.

Business Insider’s Ben Gilbert said “Luigi’s Mansion 3” was the most impressive out of all the Nintendo-exclusives coming this year when he played the game earlier this year. After a few hours of hands-on time, I’d have to agree.

Here’s a closer look at “Luigi’s Mansion 3” based on my play time thus far:

Luigi checks into a hotel with Mario, Peach, and Toad at the start of the game, but he soon discovers that his friends have been kidnapped.

‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’/Nintendo

King Boo, the main villain of the first two “Luigi’s Mansion” games, has taken over the hotel and left it totally haunted.

Play GIF‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’/Nintendo

Armed with the Poltergust G00, a ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner, Luigi has to get rid of the ghosts and find his friends.

‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’/Nintendo

The hotel in “Luigi’s Mansion 3” is huge, so clearing out all the ghosts will be quite the task.

‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’/Nintendo

You’ll use the Poltergust G00 to weaken ghosts before catching them. Luigi can use it to pull objects around, too.

Play GIF‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’/Nintendo

While “Luigi’s Mansion 3” isn’t a typical “Super Mario” game, there will still be a bit of platforming and exploration.

‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’/Nintendo

Luigi can also deploy a slimy clone of himself named Gooigi to slip between fences and avoid traps.

‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’/Nintendo

Gooigi can also help Luigi solve puzzles that require more than one set of hands.

‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’/Nintendo

“Luigi’s Mansion 3” will also have a multiplayer mode for up to four people. Players work together to solve a series of challenges with a set time limit.

‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’/Nintendo

“Luigi’s Mansion 3” will be released for the Nintendo Switch on October 31.

‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’/Nintendo

You can check out the full trailer for the game below:

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