There Was Only One Lousy Thing About My Lufthansa Business Class Flight To Dusseldorf

Lufthansa A340

Photo: Business Insider

I’m in Munich this morning, jet-lagged to all hell (so I apologise in advance for any giddiness).I came to do a panel at the DLD conference.  The DLD folks were kind enough to airmail me over last night via Lufthansa Business Class through Dusseldorf.

Well, it’s always fun to catch up on what life is like up in the front of the bus.

And in case you haven’t flown Lufthansa Business Class lately, I thought you might be curious, too.

Here's my plane--an Airbus 340. These are awesome 4-engine planes--smooth and quiet. This one's leaving from Newark at 4:45pm on Saturday afternoon. That's the Manhattan skyline in the background.

A humongous seat. So big that it felt too big. And oceans of leg room.

Willkommen! Time to check out the swag.

A plastic-wrapped blanket.

A non-plastic wrapped pillow.

A couple of hairs left over from the last passenger.

But let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I brought a boatload of cat hair on my sleeve myself.

A keep-dreaming-that-it-will-help-you-survive-a-crash life-vest container, along with the greatest innovation in flying in the past decade...

A plug! (Back in the 1990s, when I lived at 35,000 feet, they didn't have plugs. You had 2 hours to work. Then you were done.)

And, of course, the personal Lufthansa Business Class swag bag.

Ear covers for your headphones...

Ear plugs to survive your huge German neighbour's snoring (and, WOW, is he going to snore).

The eye-shade.


Lip balm.

And a toothbrush and toothpaste.

This is a German airline, so the flight will leave on time (4:45pm). So hurry up and drink the pre-take-off beverage.

And contemplate the huge-arse wing. (Note that the wing dips at the end when you're on the ground. That will change after takeoff.)

See? Now the wing's holding the plane up. And all that weight has bent the wing-tip up. (Sort of. Really, it's the lift the wing is creating that is lifting the wing tip up).

Auf wiedersehen, New York!

Time to chow down on some nuts. (Too sweet--some strange yogurty coating on the cashews).

There's an absurdly expensively printed menu...

Then bread. And asparagus salad.

There's real asparagus under there! And it's perfectly good.

So are the rice noodles.

And the cheese plate.

And now it's time to figure out how to use the seat, which is so complicated, it comes with a remote control.

See all those buttons? They all drive parts of the seat. You'll be halfway across the North Atlantic before you get the hang of it.

Then it's getting on toward 11pm New York time, so it's time for bed!

And that's when you'll realise what sucks about this flight. By the time you're ready to put your almost-flat seat to good use and go to sleep, you're already there!

And it's just hard to get jazzed about landing at 6:01am--midnight your time--in Dusseldorf.

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