Meet The Ballsy Woman Who Paid ~$1200 To Tell The S&P Office: You Should All Be Fired


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After much speculation it turns out that the brainchild behind the plane that flew by the S&P office with a banner saying,”THANKS FOR THE DOWNGRADE. YOU SHOULD ALL BE FIRED!

is Lucy Nobbe, a Wedbush Securities broker and self described Midwestern “mum.”

You might not agree with what she wrote, but you have to admit that her move was fun and ballsy.

And not that expensive!

A competitor estimated that she paid around $1,200 for the flight.

Nobbe, who began her career in finance in 1982, is currently a vice president based in St. Louis, Missouri, at Wedbush Morgan Securities, a privately-held financial services and investment firm.

She previously worked for Newhard Cook & Co and Peacock Hislop, Staley & Given, Inc.

Nobbe received her BSBA in management from the University of Missouri at Columbia. During college, she was initiated into Alpha Kappa Psi — a fraternity focused on developing business leaders.

Wanna check her out? We’re pretty sure this is a photo of Nobbe at a black tie event. Click here to see a picture of Lucy Nobbe >>