Executives from the most notorious hedge fund blow-up of the 1990s are back -- and they want a piece of China

John MeriwetherAP ImagesJohn Meriwether

Welcome back, Long-Term Capital Management.

Sort of.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Jeff Li, a former strategist at Long-Term Capital Management will serve as CEO of Sycamore Investment Services, a new firm designed to connect Chinese investors with global hedge funds.

Among Sycamore’s early investors is John Meriwether, the former CEO of LTCM.

Long-Term Capital Management is the notorious hedge fund that blew up in 1998 and had to be bailed out by the Federal Reserve after Russia defaulted on its debt in 1998.

The fund’s rise and fall was chronicled in Roger Lowenstein’s classic book “When Genius Failed.”

Among LTCM’s early partners were Robert Merton and Myron Scholes, who won the Nobel Prize together in 1997 for their work on derivatives pricing just a year before the fund fell apart.

As Bloomberg’s Bei Hu notes, Sycamore joins other firms that are seeking to give Chinese investors access to more international developments as the ability for capital to flow in and out of China — both from Chinese and international investors — has slowly eased.

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