LSU QB Jordan Jefferson Had A “Violent Night Of Activity” Last Night

jordan jefferson


LSU starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson was implicated in a fight that occurred outside a Baton Rogue bar last night.USA Today reports that the fight occurred between 1:30 and 2 a.m., and four people went to the hospital as a result.

From Baton Rogue Police Department spokesman Don Stone:

“Jordan Jefferson has been implicated as being involved as well as other football players, who have not been specifically identified yet. We’re not calling Jefferson a suspect. We’re not calling him a victim. We don’t know how much he was involved, but we’re getting a lot of information leading us in that direction.” was the first to report Jefferson’s involvement in the “violent night of activity” this morning.

Jefferson is (was?) expected to start the Tigers’ showdown with Oregon on August 3.

He’s a senior, and has no history of off-the-field problems at LSU.

Source: USA Today