LSU football unveiled its state-of-the-art $28 million locker room, complete with luxury sleep pods

Chris Parent / LSU Athletics
  • Louisiana State University unveiled the renovations to it’s Football Operations Building on Sunday and the new facility is turning heads.
  • The locker room was designed by HNTB Architecture, which has done several other designs for college football complexes.
  • The total cost of the renovation $US28 million, paid for with private donations to the athletic department. Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu and Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson each donated $US1 million to their alma mater.
  • The facility follows an open concept, similar to that of a luxury jet and complete with sleep pods, charging stations, and upgraded technology.
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Louisiana State University unveiled the renovations to its Football Operations Building on Sunday and the new facility is turning heads.

The school announced the plans to renovate the building, which opened in 2005, in March 2018. The updated included adding nearly 25,000 square feet to the facility.

$US28 million later and the program has a new means of recruitment with its first-class facility.

“This is why you come to LSU,” wrote LSU’s Twitter account.

Take a look at the inside of the player’s cave below.

The Phillips-Bordelon Locker Room was designed by HNTB Architecture, which has created several other college football complexes and training centres.

Chris Parent / LSU Athletics

According to Chase Pitner, the project designer from HNTB Architecture, one of the key concepts in the design was creating a locker with functional sleeping space. Doing so would mimic the “nap rooms” in other college locker rooms.


Greg Stringfellow, the equipment director of LSU Athletics, said the team’s idea was to have a locker that “operated similar to a first-class pod on a plane.” HNTB ran with that and created the sleep pods.

Chris Parent/LSU Athletics

“The lower portion of the locker has a lot of functions to it,” said interior designer Sarah Alfaro. The seat can be in a seated or lounge position, depending on the player’s preference.

Chris Parent / LSU Athletics

The seat also has an iPad mount and charging ports for electronics.

Chris Parent/LSU Athletics

Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu donated $US1 million to his alma mater for the player’s lounge, which is now called the Mathieu Player’s Lounge. Mathieu spent two seasons with LSU.

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson also donated to the facility, along with businessman Dave Roberts, who gave $US1 million to Peterson’s family fund. The “Peterson-Roberts Weight Room” was named after them.

LSU Athletics

The lounge seat also features ventilated storage for shoes.

LSU Athletics

While the upper portion of the locker has an area for personal storage, more charging ports, and the ability to plug in the charging and sensors for the helmets.

LSU Athletics

Players also have a place to be inspired by former LSU Tigers with a wall dedicated to them.

Outside the locker room, the building also includes a new nutritional facility, which aims to fuel all student-athletes with high quality and healthy food.

Chris Parent/LSU Athletics

It also has a pool.

LSU Athletics Creative Services

And a mini-theatre, for all the team’s movie and film needs.

LSU Athletics Creative Services

The team posted a video on social media that gives viewers a detailed overview of the locker room.

They also posted the player’s reactions to seeing the locker room for the first time, which showed them all very excited.

There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new facility on Wednesday.

Gus Stark / LSU Athletics

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