Watch Out Gamblers, All The Wiseguys In Vegas Are Betting On Alabama Over LSU Tonight


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LSU-Alabama II is expected to be one of the most heavily bet BCS National Championship Games ever, Wynn Las Vegas bookmaker John Avello told now, the line sits at Alabama -2.

This is a bit of a surprise for three reasons: (1) LSU is playing a pseudo-home game in New Orleans, (2) LSU won the first match-up on the road and is ranked #1, and (3) the spread opened at LSU -1, so it’s a relatively significant line move.

So you should jump all over LSU at +2, right?

Not quite.

The wiseguys in Vegas are still hammering Bama. 65% of all betting tickets are on LSU, yet the line has moved three points in favour of the Crimson Tide.

Translation: everyday gamblers like you are all over LSU, but the sharp bettors who do this for a living are laying down huge wagers on ‘Bama.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t bet LSU (especially if the line gets to +3 somehow), but just be aware that the pros aren’t buying it.