Face It BCS Haters, LSU-Alabama Wouldn't Be Half As Awesome If College Football Had A Playoff

tyrann mathieu lsu football player after a win

Photo: AP

LSU-Alabama would not be as big a game if college football had a playoff.It wouldn’t be as hyped.

It wouldn’t be as heavily bet.

And it wouldn’t be the do-or-die battle we all can’t wait to watch tomorrow night.

If there was a college football playoff, this game would decide which team had the inside track on the No. 1 seed.

It would be the equivalent to one of those intriguing but low-stakes 1 vs. 2 college basketball games in January.

Look, a college football playoff would be fantastic.

It’d let little teams prove themselves against the big boys. And it’d rival March Madness as the most exciting event in sports.

But we’d be ignorant not to acknowledge that games like LSU-Alabama tomorrow would cease to exist if the BCS went away.

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