Take A Tour Of This Incredible Miniature Version Of Berlin

Berlin Train Set

Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty

The Loxx Miniature Railway system is a must-see for any visitors to Berlin.The 3,000 square meter miniature city is full of incredible details — some real, and some improvements on the real city.

Given that Getty photographer Sean Gallup just took a tour, we figured it was time to revisit.

The attraction has been open since 2002...

...and attracted millions of visitors.

Of particular note is its artificial weather system, which allows viewers to see the city in rain and shine, night and day.

A variety of trains snake through the city, including the famous S-Bahn.

And cars drive around too.

Police patrol the streets.

A fairground sits in the town...

... and becomes more exciting at night.

You can even see in some buildings, where people are eating and working.

Here builders repair a roof.

The Brandenburg Gate!

Here's the Berlin Wall.

There's even a medieval fair.

Fire brigade antics.

The miniature city has not just one...

...but two amphitheaters for concerts.

There's incredible detail just about everywhere.

And this Berlin still seems to have nuclear power.

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