The Patriots and Rams just played the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history

Harry How/Getty ImagesSuper Bowl LIII between the Rams and Patriots lacked the offensive excitement that defined much of the 2018 NFL season.
  • Super Bowl LIII got off to a slow start.
  • After just three points were scored in the first half, the two teams were on pace to be in the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in NFL history.
  • The Patriots would win in the end 13-3, cementing Super Bowl LIII as the lowest-scoring championship in NFL history.

The Patriots and Rams got off to a slow start in Super Bowl LIII.

New England scored the only points of the first half, taking a 3-0 lead into halftime, and it took until halfway through the fourth quarter before either team entered the red zone.

The dismal offensive performance put the Rams and Patriots on pace to make a rather unsavoury list.

With the Patriots leaving with a 13-3 win, Super Bowl LIII is officially the lowest-scoring title game in NFL history.

Below are the rest of the low-scoring Super Bowls the NFL has had in the past.

6. Super Bowl V: Colts 16, Cowboys 13

Focus on Sport/Getty Images

5. Super Bowl VI: Cowboys 24, Dolphins 3

Focus on Sport/Getty Images

4. Super Bowl III: Jets 16, Colts 7

Kidwiler Collection/Diamond Images

3. Super Bowl IX: Steelers 16, Vikings 6

Focus on Sport/Getty Images

2. Super Bowl VII: Dolphins 14, Redskins 7

Focus on Sport/Getty Images

1. Super Bowl LIII: Patriots 13, Rams 3


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