An Aspiring PGA Golfer Might Have Shot The Lowest Round In The History Of Golf Last Weekend

A 26-year-old Aussie named Rhein Gibson shot an unbelievable 55 in Oklahoma last Saturday.

Gibson’s friend posted his scorecard on Reddit (below), and wrote a lengthy blog post on the round on Golf Pigeon earlier this week.

There’s no official world record for the lowest-ever round. But Shane Bacon of CBS Sports says it’s either 55 or 56, and a bit of googling seems to confirm that.

Gibson currently plays on the Golfweek National Pro Tour, where he’s made $16,000 in winnings this year. He set the record at River Oaks Golf Club in Edmond, Oklahoma, his home course when he was a collegiate golfer at Oklahoma Christian University.

Ever seen a scorecard like this?

lowest ever round of golf scorecardClick to enlarge

Photo: Reddit

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