The internet is losing its mind over this gigantic fluffy pillow that's as big as a bed

Steve Parkhurst/INSIDERI abandoned my desk in favour of a fluffy pillow called the Lovesac.

Why sit at a desk when you can sink into the world’s biggest, fluffiest pillow with your laptop? That’s the question I’ve been grappling with ever since the Lovesac showed up in the INSIDER newsroom two weeks ago for a test run.

The “sac” (don’t call it a beanbag chair) is a massive pillow filled with foam — just picture a cross between a cumulus cloud and dog bed. It’s actually been around for 20 years, so if you think you might have crashed in one in your friend’s basement in the late ’90s, you probably did. You can still find it in mall stores around the country, and it’s also available through Lovesac’s website.

Even though the ‘sac has been around forever, it managed to take the internet by storm this week after INSIDER design featured it in a video on Facebook. The video has racked up more than 42 million views and nearly 600,000 shares in less than 24 hours.

We tried out “The Big One,” the company’s largest of its six models. At 95 pounds and 8 feet wide, it’s more appropriate for a suburban basement than a city apartment. And the $1,300 price tag is crazy steep.

But it’s fun as hell to chill in.

We especially enjoyed leaping into it from across the room:

Using it for planking practice:

And escaping to our happy place for a few brief moments during the work day:

You can see more Lovesac sizes, prices, and covers at the website.

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